Why Buy

Why Buy Kayak Fishing by Jon Shein


This book has something for everyone. If you’re new to the sport or considering getting involved, the advice and information can save you hundreds of dollars and greatly improve your enjoyment of kayak fishing.  Even seasoned veterans will benefit from useful information, amusing stories and high quality photos.


Chapter 1 - My Story

The best way to understand Jon’s perspective is to learn about his journey in the sport - how he learned about kayak fishing what he’s done and why. 


Chapter 2 - Choosing a Fishing Kayak

The majority of anglers and authors giving advice are  usually connected to one brand of kayak, most often via contract.  Jon is independent and has fished from over 55 different kayak models in environments as diverse as small hike in rivers and lakes to blue water.  When he was a retailer he had to advise people with all types of needs and while some books have a paragraph or two on choosing a kayak, here you’ll find over 17,000 words. There are potential pitfalls and many things one doesn’t consider until they’ve been in the sport a while. This chapter will speed up the learning curve and make it much easier to make the right choice the first time.   


Chapter 3 - Accessories and Gear

Its one thing to go kayak fishing in a couple of environments and use some gear and it’s quite another to sell kayak fishing gear to people all over the world. This chapter alone is almost as large as some books on kayak fishing - 46 pages with 43 pictures.


Chapter 4 – Outfitting a Kayak

Jon has rigged hundreds of kayaks and supervised thousands that were shipped all over the world. He pioneered many techniques that are standard now. Rigging a kayak isn’t rocket science but a little guidance makes life easier.  This chapter gives you 55 pictures and a variety of installations from rod holders to fish finders.


Chapter 5 – Tackle and Techniques

A kayak is a tool that will help you catch more fish. There is tackle and ways about using a kayak that work better than others.  Jon discusses many of the ways kayaks are being used to catch more fish.


 Chapter 6 – Kayak Fishing Environments

A kayak is an incredibly versatile fishing vessel that will allow you to fish a wide array of environments. Jon has fished so many diverse places, from small hike in ponds to blue water all over the continent.


Chapter 7 – Getting to the Water

Unless you live on the water and exclusively fish your backyard, you’re going to need to transport your kayak. This chapter discusses all the methods so you’ll know your options. 


Chapter 8 – Let’s Go Fishing!

Enough talking and reading about it - time to get out on the water and fish. Jon discusses how to approach fishing, how to plan a trip, how to fight, handle and land fish, what to do if you want to keep fish, taking children along, potential dangers and how to avoid them and more.


Chapter 9 - Kayak Care

Like anything else a little TLC can go a long way.  There is some maintenance and repair involved with kayaks - things to do and not do to protect your investment.  Due to the sheer volume of kayaks he saw as a large retailer Jon encountered plenty of problems and learned how to fix them.  Theft prevention is also discussed.


Chapter 10 – Travel and Exotic Kayak Fishing

Whether you’re driving to a vacation with your kayak or flying to a destination that has them, Jon has tips to make the experience more fun and less stressful.  Included in the chapter is fishing for big game.


Chapter 11 – Tournaments

Kayak fishing tournaments come in a variety of types.  Jon has been both a competitor and organizer in each type.


Chapter 12 – The Future

Jon was at the forefront of what he calls the second wave of kayak fishing. His creation of the first entity that sold kayaks and gear specifically to fishermen propelled kayak fishing from an esoteric fringe sport to what is becoming a widely recognized activity in the fishing world. He shares his insights as to what’s coming and discusses his plans to continue growing the sport.


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