Kayak Fishing by Jon Shein

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The most comprehensive book ever written on kayak fishing.

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  1. Review: Kayak Fishing by Jon Shein

    Posted by I Fishead (Tightlines KayakIng) on 28th Mar 2010

    Review: Kayak Fishing by Jon Shein

    There have been some marvelous books written about kayak fishing and it’s inevitable that one or two will be referred to as “The Bible” of kayak fishing. I’m not going to compare Jon’s endeavor to the ancient texts. Jon Shein was not around for the birth of kayak fishing. He discovered yak fishing as most of us did and he offers a fresh look at this wacky sport. Therefore I will suggest that if there is a Bible for kayak fishing Jon Shein has added The New Testament.

    In my opinion Jon Shein has succeeded in including almost everything you’d want to know about kayak fishing into one, easy to read and well structured document. Even an experienced angler will benefit from this informative offering. Even I, I Fishhead, learned a couple of things. Hard to believe, I know.

    As soon as you pick up this book you can feel Jon’s love of kayak fishing. You are guided through all aspects of kayak fishing. Jon relates his own experiences in each section and it gives the reader a personal point of reference that makes this book not only a great manual but also a great read.

    Kayak Fishing by Jon Shein is a must have for any newcomer or old salt. This book will help you catch more fish.

  2. Kayak Fishing is the best book on the subject.

    Posted by Peter Barrett on 28th Mar 2010


    By Jon Shein

    Seems like everyone is doing it – fishing from a kayak! Back bays, lakes and ponds, coastal rivers and marshes, and even the surf; what was once a “trick” way to fish has now become the norm, thanks in large part to pioneers like Jon Shein, author of Kayak Fishing. He’s fished from over 55 different models of kayaks and caught over 70 species of fresh- and saltwater gamefish from kayaks in his home waters, and at cool places like Alaska, Baja, Florida, New England and the Caribbean. He created the first retail shop devoted entirely to kayaks and helped thousands of ’yakers get outfitted with the best kayak for their type of fishing. His kayak fishing knowledge is broad, and based upon actual on-the-water experiences. If you want to know about kayaks, talk to Jon.

    And you can “talk” with him through the pages of Kayak Fishing. It begins by telling Jon’s story; how he got started, how he established his business, where he’s been and what he’s learned over many years of hands-on experience as an avid kayak fishing enthusiast, businessman and guide. It sets the stage for the following chapters that help you choose a kayak, the accessories and the must-have gear and equipment you will need, and how to set up and outfit your personal fishing kayak. The details he provides about installing accessories, electronics, anchoring setups, tackle storage and rod holders will save you time, expense and heartache. He solves problems like dry storage for cameras and cell phones, how to dress and stay dry, and how to be comfortable and safe, day or night.

    Anglers will appreciate Shein’s tackle and techniques chapter that cuts through the rumors and describes exactly what fly, spin and casting tackle is needed to effectively fish from a kayak in all types of waters; deep lakes, coastal saltwater, shallow flats and small ponds. The strategies and benefits of trolling, drifting, staking out and anchoring are covered, along with tips on how to approach structure, quiet “hidey” holes, marshes and creeks.

    Kayak Fishing is a practical book with plenty of useful advice for veterans and newcomers. The author shows how to transport kayaks, how to get them to the water’s edge and how to care for them and make repairs. Along the way Shein provides tips on paddling, navigating, fishing, and most of all, how to enjoy the total kayak fishing experience.

    In a limited space it’s tough to do justice to such a comprehensive book. Kayak Fishing is the best book on the subject and should be essential reading for anyone who owns or plans to buy a kayak for fishing. With over 200 pages of advice, numerous color photos and a large, easy-to-read format, the book is a bargain at $29.99. It’s available direct from the author at

  3. Kayak Fishing

    Posted by Bill Donovan on 27th Mar 2010

    The kayak fishing community might just be the fastest growing segment of the sport fishing world, and few are more plugged into this community than Jon Shein. Kayak Fishing is undoubtedly the most thorough treatment of this topic ever created, and is a must-read for anyone with so much as a passing interest in the sport. Shein pulls from years of involvement in the kayak fishing industry, and a perspective that can only be achieved after countless hours on the water. This book’s ample technical detail is interspersed with plenty of first-hand storytelling, and Shein’s colloquial writing style makes it a refreshing read. Soon, our bays, rivers, ponds and oceans will be full of “kayak anglers”, and this book will have had much to do with that.

    Bill Donovan, Publisher, New Jersey Angler

  4. Kudos

    Posted by Chris "Shipwreak" Shoplock on 27th Mar 2010

    "When Jon showed me this book, I was instantly impressed. Kayak fishing is still in its infancy and the book is still being written, pardon the pun. But Mr. Shein has taken a giant step forward and we all owe him a large thank you. The thing that immediately strikes the reader is the complete comprehensive treatment of this sport. Mr. Shein has cut no corners. He has also not fallen into the trap of talking about one area, one species, or one kayak manufacturer. That aspect alone makes this book well worth the read. As a guide, kayak writer, and life long angler I instantly found ideas and concepts that had honestly never crossed my mind. To be truthful reading this book was somewhat of a humbling experience.

    This book does not look to forward an agenda other than promoting kayak fishing and helping new anglers and grizzled veterans alike. If you are a new kayak angler the concepts tempered through experience and experiment are too valuable to pass up. This book will save you hundreds of man hours, and thousands of dollars in equipment. Its not with a little jealousy as a writer that I take my hat off to Mr. Shein. Kudos sir!"

    Chris 'Shipwreck' Shoplock
    Owner Operator - Osprey Outdoor Adventures Kayak Guide Service

  5. Fantastic Job!!!

    Posted by Ruth Triglia, VP Sales, Hobiecat on 27th Mar 2010

    Dear Jon, Fantastic job! I got my copy of your book yesterday, and you really outdid yourself. The quality of the writing, the layout and the photos is a cut above. It is an honor to have Hobie represented in this fine work. Thanks so much, Jon, and I know the book is going to be a huge success.

    Best regards, Ruth Triglia, Vice President Sales, Hobiecat

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